Pharm Solutions Inc.
 Foliar Fish Fertilizer

Fish Pharm is a superior fermented Salmon byproduct that will delight you with results. No messy mixing. Used weekly Fish Pharm will prevent Powdery Mildew, control Rust, Blackspot and more.

Your pure and natural answer to Garden Pests.
Designed with your family and the environment in mind, all ingredients are pure and natural, food or pharmaceutical grade

One Liter/33.8 Fl Oz

Pharm Solutions Inc.
Foliar Fish Fertilizer


With Pure Fish Oils
Foliar Fish Fertilizer with Potassium Bicarbonate added.

Feed &Treat

  • Roses
  • Flowers
  • Veggies
  • Garden Fungus

100% Pure
. This fermented salmon byproduct foliar fertilizer will delight you with results. No need for messy mixing here! Liberally spray this ready to use plant food on leaves. The good news? Fish Pharm also contains potassium bicarbonate as a buffer. Used in combination with our other products, Fish Pharm will aid in the control of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. Please test first on ornamentals. For best results, water well in the a.m., Then spray at dusk. Use freely on herbs, edibles and veggies up until harvest.

Not intended for indoor use or in bear country.

  • This product contains no alcohol or anti-microbials.

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Attention Growers

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Pharm Solutions Inc.
Foliar Fish Fertilizer


Treats Approximately 8000 Plants

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Mixing Instructions

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